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When managing mission critical facilities, resiliency, redundancy, and reliability are always on your mind.  background Learn More
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Meet Peter Curtis

Peter Curtis is a mission critical visionary, thought leader, innovator, and educator.  He was destined to be an innovator and lead mission critical automation endeavors . . . background Read More

We’ve been keeping mission critical facilities UP since 1998

When managing mission critical facilities, we focus on the equipment lifecycle right from the basis of design through equipment retirement. We also provide the much-needed attention on customized staff training and corporate culture based on a variety of business risk models. PMC Group I’s innovative technologies ensure you reduce downtime caused by design and human error.


Mission Critical Consulting

Leading-edge engineering and design for improved UPtime

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Technology – SmartWALK®

Enterprise cloud solutions for “always-on” facilities

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Data Analytics

Upgrade your operational data analytics with PMC Group I

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Mission Critical Facility Experts

PMC Group I, LLC is a leading-edge engineering, research, and technology company dedicated to helping facilities professionals, engineering managers, and contractors improve UPtime in mission critical facilities.

We have a fully integrated suite of services that improves business resiliency and helps facilities stay online all the time. Our best-in-class mission critical engineering and consulting services practices improves operations, reduces downtime, and promotes energy efficiency.

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Why PMC Group I?

Intensive focus on UPtime and mission critical facilities

Personnel who have “walked the walk” throughout all phases of mission critical facilities life cycles

A highly regarded team of practitioners and partners

Conservation experience and energy modeling/simulation reduces overall lifecycle costs and creates energy saving annuity

The services of engineers who are LEED certified and knowledgeable about the filing process

Proven track record of service, execution and innovations

Organized and prepared to provide concept, design intent, and directional costs

Committed to Integrity, Safety and Efficiency

To support our mission, we have a comprehensive customized education program that encourages professional development in our ever-evolving digital society. We also have education partners with DCPro, NYIT, Marist College, and IEEE.

As leaders in the mission critical field, the highly esteemed ideals of integrity, safety, efficiency, cost containment, environmental consciousness, and a dedication to outstanding workmanship are tightly woven throughout our services.

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This Way to UP

UP is all We Do

We provide best-in-class mission critical solutions for when 100 percent UPtime is absolutely necessary.

Going UP

For when being “always-on” is the only way to the top, we provide industry-leading solutions for mission critical facilities.

Keep UP

Our SmartWALK® Technology and processes maintain UPtime, so you can stay on top all the time.

Check UP

We provide the tools, technology, and solutions to minimize risks that could jeopardize your facility’s ability to avoid downtime.

Step into the future with SmartWALK®

Start using our technology platform to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency.