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PMC Group I has more than 20 years of engineering expertise in mission-critical facility operations/maintenance, design, and training. With a focus on clean technologies, our engineering and design solutions augment energy security in critical infrastructure that is central to everyday life.

We are a team of engineering experts who share our industry knowledge by creating customized educational resources for tomorrow’s engineers.

Engineering Experts: Our Services

PMC Group I’s proactive mission-critical engineering services are focused on the unique requirements of your facility. Our expertise ranges from baseline designs to the inevitable maintenance and upgrades that will occur over the lifecycle of a mission critical facility.

Performance Assessments

Our performance assessments will provide a complete analysis of operational standards to identify best practices, opportunities for improvement, and a list of targeted action items.

Engineering, Project Management, Assessments

Our services focus on everything from the basis of design to testing and commissioning and transition-to-operations. Additionally once the owner is handed over the keys we assist the client with ongoing tasks necessary for reliability, including:

  • Site operational
  • Technical Maintenance Programs and Lifecycle of equipment models
  • Method of Procedure Development
  • Onboarding, Education, and Employee skills assessments
  • Assessments and Audits using the SmartWALK®
  • Short Circuit Studies

Our engineering experts identify system deficiencies and present recommendations for reliability, resiliency, safety, and efficiency improvements enterprise wide.

Mission Critical Documentation

Greater than 65% of critical infrastructure interruptions and associated downtime occurs because of human error. A set of clear detailed Alarm Response, Standard Operating and Emergency Action Procedures helps to prevent careless mistakes from happening during a critical event.

Move Add Change (MAC) Process Management

A disciplined Moves-Adds-Changes (MAC) Process ensures accurate documentation, sufficient UPS power, proper cooling capacity, preservation of redundancy, and overall reliability as equipment and infrastructure is updated.

Customized Education and Training Services

Customized Education and Training Services

PMC Group I offers customized educational and training services depending on the specific needs and requirements of your facility and personnel.

Customized Onsite Training

Our onsite training courses focus on your building equipment and fundamental components, procedures, technologies, and issues that assist in effectively managing a Mission Critical facility as well as reducing human error.


With its online classes, DCProfessional combines the global network of DatacenterDynamics, a leading information provider to the data center market, with the intellectual property and training pedigree of PMC Group to create a unique training and certification services company with an unparalleled global reach.

Educational Partners

For the last 20 years, PMC Group I’s President and CEO, Peter M. Curtis, has been teaching mission critical facilities continuing education courses at IEEE, NYIT and Marist.

PMC Group I is a registered provider and sponsor for P.E.’s Professional Development Hours (PDH), as approved by The State Education Department of New York, The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), and under the Registered Continuing Education Providers Program (RCEPP) for all other states outside of New York.

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