Peter M. Curtis

Peter M. Curtis, author of "Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment"

About Peter M. Curtis

PMC Group One was founded by veteran mission critical operations professional, author, and industry speaker, Peter M. Curtis. The second edition of his book, “Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment,” is available for purchase on Amazon and Wiley.

Safety is Part of Curtis’ DNA

Critical infrastructure operations safety standards have been part of Peter M. Curtis’ DNA since his early teen years when he managed complex medical equipment for his ailing sibling.

9/11 Changed Everything for Him

Surviving 9/11 then propelled Peter M. Curtis to focus his 30 years’ experience in the mission-critical engineering industry to design and implement tools to protect critical infrastructure and public safety by establishing the best practices and standards for facility professionals.

Since that day, he has devoted himself to the protection of critical infrastructure and to the defense of public safety and our country’s assets.

An Expert in Facilities Engineering

A keynote speaker for numerous semi-annual conferences, Peter M. Curtis is a member of the:

Peter M. Curtis, Esteemed Higher Education Professor

As a professor at the New York Institute of Technology and Marist College, Peter M. Curtis imparts his industry insight, training future operations engineers and professionals to meet the ideals of integrity, public safety, energy efficiency, cost containment, environmental consciousness, and a dedication to outstanding workmanship.

In partnership with DatacenterDynamics, a leading information provider to the data center market, Peter M. Curtis is a cofounder of DCProfessional Development, an unmatched global training and certification services company, which merged his 16 online courses and its intellectual property and training pedigree.

3 Decades of Industry Knowledge

Peter M. Curtis has more than 30 years of industry knowledge, including experience in the mission-critical engineering industry for various sectors, such as Banking/Finance, Energy/Water Utilities, Defense, and Education. He is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) with a Master of Science in Energy Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electro-Mechanical Computer Technology.

An Insider’s Guide to the Mission Critical Industry

In his book, “Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment,” Peter M. Curtis leverages his leading-edge knowledge to provide an all-inclusive reference and training guide.