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SmartWALK®, an Enterprise Cloud Solution for ‘Always-On’ Facilities

Step into the future with SmartWALK®.

Our comprehensive suite of cloud-based software tools for engineers and management professionals is a digital replacement for your building’s aging analog logbook.

Reducing human error from the equation, SmartWALK® significantly impacts the most common cause of facility failures which accounts for 65% of unscheduled downtime.

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Facilities Process Management

From an Enterprise Standpoint SmartWALK® guides operators and engineers to ensure they properly perform essential job functions. It automates, streamlines, and strengthens facilities process management using our technology platform to improve safety, reliability, and energy/operational efficiency.


  • Records equipment data and observations
  • Escalated alerts and alarms
  • Synchronized readings


  • Inventories, designs, traces, and maps utility systems
  • Provides detailed documentation
  • Generates formatted reports immediately


  • Virtualizes all technical procedures
  • Reviews and improves technician work from anywhere
  • Automates processes


  • Expedited onboarding
  • Customized onsite training
  • Bridges knowledge gaps during employee transitions
  • Professional development


  • Emergency management
  • Incident response
  • Assessible to first responders

The Advantages of SmartWALK®

SmartWALK® is a flexible and customizable web and app-based portal that enhances situational awareness for “always-on” facilities. It helps you to manage building operations and meet all required documentation, regulatory, and reporting requirements.

Boosts Reliability, Resiliency, and Strength

  • Manages your sites, areas, equipment, and personnel from one dashboard
  • Manages equipment, people, processes, property, and risks
  • Standardizes practices to mitigate failures and expedite recovery

Automates Processes

  • Allows scheduling and managing of processes across all your facilities
  • Easy to organize
  • Provides real-time alerts

Reduces Failures and Downtime

  • Reduces problems caused by human error
  • Improves energy and operational efficiency
  • Crisis assistance

High Return on Investment

  • Reduced operational risks and increase business efficiencies
  • Greater energy cost savings
  • Fewer employee/staff hours are necessary
  • Risk mitigation limits costly systems failure

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Customized Training Services

Customized Training Program (SmartTEAM™)

PMC Group I has a new, customized training program, SmartTEAM™, which provides educational materials that provide valuable insight into the Mission Critical Environment. Our solutions provide relevant insight into the Mission Critical Environment with an emphasis on business resiliency, critical infrastructures efficiency, safety, and green power technology.

Our SmartTEAM™ training resources are tailor-made for:

  • Architects
  • Property Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Data Center Personnel
  • Electrical/Mechanical Technicians
  • Students in undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education programs

SmartTEAM™ customized training programs are the perfect supplement to Peter M. Curtis’ book, “Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment”.

SmartTEAM™ Learning Management System (LMS)

SmartTEAM™ LMS is your total knowledge solution and customizable educational repository portal. Our LMS standardizes learning throughout an enterprise to foster culture in a collaborative environment on any device anywhere.

Unite your company with SmartTEAM™’s scalable and robust infrastructure. Teams of any sizes, including those with more than 1000 users, can collaborate in real time. SmartTEAM™’s framework grows and adapts with to your teams evolving industry requirements.

Easily integrate SmartTEAM™ LMS within 30 days and gain greater freedom and control to customize, brand, and configure your learning environment to your enterprise needs.

SmartVUE™ – Enterprise Software Solution For “Always‐On” Environments

The SmartVUE™ mobile and web advanced enterprise software solutions help organizations facilitate and protect mission critical assets and operations. SmartVUE’s™ direct and comprehensive view through a single pane of glass assists in managing large scale critical infrastructures and commercial building portfolios. It provides real-time building performance and visualization on a global scale, along with integrating with countless variable inputs from disparate data sources, IoT sensors, machine learning, and intelligence. SmartVUE™ creates an information sharing framework by taking inputs from global portfolios, including card access systems, security cameras, utilities, first responder agencies, and GPS asset tracking. In contrast, other products may be more focused on singular building data.

SmartVUE™’s flexibility directly interfaces with outside information to achieve “urban telepresence” on a regional and global scale. SmartVUE’s™ design enhances decision making and human intuition to increase situational awareness of any enterprise portfolio. SmartVUE™ quickly delivers an interactive, augmented virtual reality presentation of an area of interest to users needing real-time situation awareness in an active scene. SmartVUE™ organizes an enterprise’s BMS system, delivers an array of other information, and visualizes analytical dashboards immediately, thereby greatly augmenting the power of intelligent decision making, reducing costs, mitigating risk, and identifying previously unknown opportunities. SmartVUE™ easily expands and adapts to any organization and enterprise, combining your own data with numerous other public and private data streams.



SmartVUE … powered by 4DSCAPE System Architecture

The SmartVUE™ System is a flexible, networked, modular, cloud and/or enterprise software platform, with its own spe- cialized browser and webpage. It has been developed with “security by design”, matured, and tested over the past twenty years, and continues to evolve with new powerful capabilities to meet today’s requirements. This technology consists of a variety of network-connected modules that can be deployed and configured to adapt for scalability and redundancy. SmartVUE™ components are developed as cross-platform installations, working on Linux, MS Windows, Mac/iOS, and virtual machine computer platforms.

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