We’ve been Keeping Mission-Critical Facilities UP since 1998

When downtime is not an option, PMC Group I’s facility management solutions makes sure your critical infrastructure stays UP, no matter what.

Since 1998, PMC Group I has served the critical infrastructure market. We provide best-of-breed operational tools, advisory services, and education programs that empowers enterprise facility automation and professionals to improve operations and business continuity.

With us, you can expect to reap the benefits of uninterruptible UPtime, resiliency, public safety, and energy efficiency.

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Leading-edge Engineering, Energy and Technology Solutions

PMC Group I provides leading-edge engineering, energy and technology solutions, tools and services dedicated to preventing unscheduled downtime and efficient operations for reliability for energy focused clients who own, operate, and manage mission critical facilities.

Fully Integrated Facility Management Solutions

We provide a fully integrated continuum of services with an emphasis on business resiliency and improving UPtime, which include energy services, site planning, engineering/design, project management, testing/commissioning, transition-to-operations, preventive maintenance, and customized education and training.

These facility management solutions, coupled with our technology software and operational approach, provide unparalleled reliability, security, and technical excellence to mitigate risk, further improve UPtime, and increase energy efficiency for our clients.

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Industries of Expertise

We serve Fortune 1000 companies in a wide range of industries, including:




Commercial Real Estate


Health Care

Co-location Facilities

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Step into the Future with SmartWALK®

SmartWALK® enterprise cloud solution digitizes Facilities Process Management, minimizing human error. Our solution manages people, process, and risks for “always-on” facilities, standardizing enterprise-wide corporate culture.

Partnering with DCPro, IEEE, AFE, NYIT, and Marist College, PMC Group I provides the best-in-class facility management solutions, technology tools, and techniques to improve standardization and reduce risks for facility operators.

A Leader in ‘Always-On’ Technology

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